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Renvana by Seema Singh

We Go Beyond Makeup, Skincare, Styling & Hospitality to create the perfect experience that you deserve. We understand all your fears and excitement to get every detail right. To create the best celebration for you and your loved ones and to make them feel special like no one has ever done it. To make you the most beautiful you, the most memorable you, no one saw before. To transcend all previous limits and to Go Beyond.

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Seema Singh


Seema Singh is the founder of Renvana. She hails from a small town, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming big to go beyond. After her Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy Hons, she started her career working at HDFC India’s leading private sector bank in a well-paid job while she was also continuously working towards her passion for beauty, yet again she decided to go beyond to chase her dreams, later as a Diamond Grader joined the prestigious Gemological Institute of America Lab, Mumbai and acquired extensive knowledge and insights about gems and jewellery styling

Seema later completed the Advance Makeup & Hairstyling course from One of India’s Most Prominent Cosmetics Brands & a world-renowned organization. She also practices her art of makeup with some of the finest industry experts. Seema is also a trained expert in the field of Airbrush Makeup, which is at the forefront of the advanced makeup industry. The advantages being, since airbrushes don’t touch the customer’s skin, it offers a contactless makeup experience which is the most hygienic option available in the market. It also gives the best coverage yet feels light on the skin with the perfect finish. She is also certified by one of the leading airbrush brands from the USA. She has received numerous offers from accomplished brands, yet she chose to start her organization Renvana which means eternity and to go beyond everything.

Seema had the vision to go beyond the current industry standard that puts everyone inside a box, one size, shade, style fits all solution. She decided to reimagine and innovate the industry on her terms and to create individual relationships that can transform the beauty industry to Go Beyond.

She combines her deep understanding of Makeup, Skincare, Styling & Hospitality and brings them together to create the perfect experience that people deserve.

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Bikram Singh


Bikram Singh is the co-founder of Renvana. He has a keen eye for details and has the expertise and understanding how to provide an exceptional service to the esteemed clientele with International exposure from the six years he spent in Europe; He also holds a degree from the acclaimed Hotel and Tourism Management Institute, Switzerland. He is very supportive and believes in his wife, Seema’s aspiration to transform the beauty industry.

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Go Beyond


The desire to Go Beyond all difficulties and the drive for bringing out the utmost perfection in everything they do is the outcome of being bought up in an Army family. Bikram and his wife Seema wish to work together with these ideologies to ensure quality services are rendered by the team Renvana. To make memories, to make people look and feel beautiful, breaking the stereotypes to help people realize the most beautiful themselves. To transcend all previous limits and to Go Beyond.


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No - 16 & 17, First floor, GGB Royal Enclave, Old Phagwara Road, Deepnagar, Jalandhar Cantt, Punjab - 144005

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